We are the funkycolds

Thank you most graciously for allowing us to create delicious memories for your celebration! We are Stephanie and Jefferson ‘funkycold’ Medina; a wife / husband-trepreneur team (yup, it’s just us!) in Seattle lending our creative services to make your celebrations (or random Tuesdays 😊) personalized and memorable!


Whether baking confections, customizing vinyl-pressed gear, creating hand-made/ digital invitations, or designing your event décor, we create to excite the senses and inspire the soul.


Designing has always played a steady prominence in our lives; pulling inspiration from places we’ve visited and individuals / families that have touched our hearts along the way.


Our designs are based on interpretations of themes to give each cake their own modern feel.


Your life’s celebrations become part of ours and we take heart in creating goods personalized just for you. Know that when its made with our hands, it will always come from our heart.


We look forward to telling your stories through our creative skills.


x/ the funkycolds